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TENSION_TENSIONASIA_Envelope_ Optical_Lens Envelope_packaging_automation

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        ESG stands for Environmental, Social and corporate Governance. It is an emerging investment concept and enterprise evaluation standard that focuses on corporate Environmental, Social and Governance performance rather than financial performance.
        Our Commitment
        TENSION will continue to practice the ESG concept to achieve the goal of sustainability
        Sustainability and environmental protection are our responsibility and social mission. TENSION is achieving its sustainable development by rigorous self-governance, step-by-step promotion and implement of green policies in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and building a culture of respecting the society and environment.

        Assist our customers to gradually switch to light weight green packaging, effectively reducing carbon emissions

        Develop paper-based alternatives to reduce lower environmental impacts

        Continue to invest and develop new packaging automation solutions to provide more efficient, intelligent and eco-friendly packaging

        Encourage employees to lead a carbon-reducing life by saving energy reducing unnecessary waste, and making good use of environmental resources

        Recommend paper products certified by International Forest Certification (FSC) to customers, committed to promoting global social responsibility

        Collaborate with Climate Partner to achieve carbon neutral in every product manufacturing process

        Select green partners in the industrial chain and work together for environmental sustainability


        1,000 tons of paper recycled every year


        300 LED lightbulbs replaced for energy saving


        Solar panel & air heater installed for clean energy


        Water treatment by national standards


        Printed with vegetable-based ink


        Green alternative solution (stone paper, cotton paper, bio-degradable plastics, etc.)


        social responsibility

        Public Welfare Activities
        Tension is a big family, and all employees are our most valuable resources. We continue to conduct employee education and training and cultivate the strength of new-level supervisors with innovative spirit and high sense of responsibility in a positive working atmosphere on an open, honest and bidirectional fearless communication platform. We also actively participate in public welfare activities, respect the environment, and enable every employee to have equal and just opportunities.
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        Company Events

        Tension Shaoxing obtained FSC certification.
        Tension Taiwan and Shaoxing factories completely replaced the LED environment-friendly lamps, contribute to energy saving and carbon reduction.
        Tension Shaoxing successively refitted the equipment's frequency conversion control system, making efforts in energy saving and electricity saving, help companies reduce their carbon emissions.
        Tension Taiwan obtained the FSC certification.
        Tension Shaoxing was certified as a Climate Partner.
        In 2021, we design eco-friendly packaging solution for customers: Use paper instead of plastic bags for packaging, applied in spare parts packaging, 3C product packaging, and curtain bag packaging;? Use environmentally friendly lining paper bags instead of plastic bags for eyeglass frames;
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