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        Richard L. Berkley

        2023年12月12日 2856

        It is with great sadness that we announce: 

        Beloved family man and city leader, Richard L. (Dick) Berkley (cousin of TENSION’s President Mr. Bert Berkley) passed on 29th Nov. 2023, He was 92. 

        Richard Berkley.JPG

        Bill Berkley, president and CEO of Tension Corporation, said the former mayor had been in declining health recently, but the timing of his passing was unexpected. “He was just a great champion and cheerleader and proponent of all of Kansas City, and I underline the all of Kansas City,” Bill Berkley said. “There was no place in this city that he didn’t go to, if anyone needed him. He was never too busy to take a call or to help someone. He was really a man of the people.”

        He served as KC's only three-term mayor (1979 to 1991) and leaves a legacy as a leader in business, government, community, and neighborhoods. He helped lay the foundation for the massive wave of community investments in the last 25 years.

        His accomplishments as mayor included the city's first half-cent sales tax for capital improvements, bonds for police stations and a communication facility, and bonds for a zoo expansion, a major expansion of Bartle Hall, revitalization of the Quality Hill neighborhood, airport improvements, water line improvements and sewer extensions. The bonds collectively totaled hundreds of millions of dollars and fueled over 700 capital projects which began to clear the extensive backlog of deferred maintenance across the city. He created the Mayor's task force on food and hunger, drugs and AIDS. He created the KC Jazz Commission and co-originated the KC Ethics Commission. He chaired the Municipal Art Commission and served on the Police Board, and received numerous awards, including  the B 'nai B 'rith Person of the Year Award, the Kansas City Spirit Award, the Chamber of Commerce Person of the Year, and the Economic Development Corporation's James C. Denney Spirit Award. His love for Kansas City was boundless, he was an ever-dynamic and enthusiastic mayor, and he was the best local ambassador to represent Kansas City nationally and globally. Berkley Riverside Park is named after him in recognition of his contributions to the city.

        Dick was a graduate of Harvard College (BA) and Harvard Graduate Business School (MBA). He was proud to serve as a second lieutenant in the US Navy before returning to the family business where he was Secretary/Treasurer and Member of the Board of Directors for Tension.

        Dick was known as the mayor for all Kansas Citians. He always did the right thing, with the utmost integrity When he introduced himself he never used the word mayor. He always shook hands and said,“I'm Dick Berkley.”

        Dick was proud to be named Kansas Citian of the Year, along with dozens of other meaningful awards and accolades. But what he treasured most was the love of his wife, Sandy, their children, grandchildren, and his entire family.

        For years, he was also known as “Kansas City's photographer.” When you ran into Dick, you were quite likely to have your picture taken and then receive a signed photograph of those special moments in the mail. He truly cared about everyone he met.

        He will be missed.


        The Kansas City media are reporting on it:

        Richard Berkley, Kansas City's longest-serving mayor who moved 'swiftly' in tragedy, dies at 92


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